Macromo had a successful year 2022!

Macromo had a successful year 2022!

The founding team has spent the first quarter in the US gathering feedback on the first version of our product and connecting with investors.

In spring, we developed the first version of Macromo Engine, which provides our users with personalized health recommendations based on the latest scientific research. It combines DNA-derived data with lifestyle information and other relevant health data. In order to achieve the highest possible quality of our DNA tests, we started working with Eurofins, the world's leading provider of next-generation genomic sequencing services.

In the summer, we launched Macromo Insider, your next favorite source for everything genomics, disease prevention and healthy lifestyle. At the end of August, Macromo was officially launched with a new online store and soon after that we sequenced our first complete genome! We also released our mobile app that allows our customers to access their test results and provides them with personalized health recommendations.

In October, Eva and Petr returned to San Francisco to continue their spring mission and to expand our biotech contacts. Meanwhile in the Czech Republic, we partnered with the Hořovice Hospital and In November, we announced a new investment from Spadia labs and the start of a beautiful partnership.

What's next?!

Soon we're launching our new website and that comes with a surprise: new products!

We are also preparing the integration of our mobile app with Apple Health. This new groundbreaking feature will allow users to monitor their activities, sleep and other factors in relation to their genetic predispositions. We will also continue to expand the range of input data options by including blood test results. In addition to long-term genetic results, this will allow for clear tracking of current indicators of overall health.

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This article was written by members of the Macromo team.

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